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Led Ot Light Single Dome surgical light

Led Ot Light Single Dome surgical light KDLED700

KDLED700 LED ot light with single dome is manufactured by Shandong Kang'erjian Medical Technology Ltd. factory. Kangerjian is a 20years old factory which is profession in manufacturing Operation Theatre Lights , Halogen Operating Light, LED Operating Light , Double Dome Operating Lamp, Single Dome Operating Light , Surgical Table , Medical Electric Operating Table, Electric Hydraulic Operating Table, Obstetric Delivery Table, Gynecology Examination Tables, Economical Gynecology Table, Electrical Gynecological Table, Operating Theatre Pendants , medical hanging tower, ICU tower crane in ICU room, LED Viewbox etc. medical equipments.

Main features of KDLED700 LED Surgical Light as below:

1. Single head, double head, triple heads are optional.

2. Ceiling model, wall mounted model, mobile models are optional.

3. Camera, monitor, recorder are optional.

4. The led bulb life are more than 80000hours.

5. Temperature increase over surgeon's head < 1°.

6. Led bulb source, more eco-friendly, energy saving.

7. 360° rotation for all joints and it can be stopped exactly at any point.

8. Adjust intensity and color temperature through control panel and remote controller.

9. Can be used in hospital ICU operating room, pet hospital, cosmetic surgery hospital, clinic, dental parlor etc.










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